Fallen Earth - Clans

Ancient Ones – V

Only the 100 oldest vampires may be a member of this clan. In the vampiric community, the Ancient Ones are the most powerful and respected of all the Clans. They are also the most mysterious – no one is really sure who the members of this clan are. They are usually members of other clans, and manipulate things behind the scenes. The vampires in this clan are thought to be over 1,000 years old.

Baat – H, V

Mutates rejects of society. They live in the sewers, and have very close-knit societies that are almost familial. The mutations of a Ba’at are hideous – so hideous that they cannot function in normal society in any way

Digeratti – H, V

The most elite super-hackers on the plant. The Digeratti are computer programmers, security specialist, and technology developers. They will will work for any clan, are very expensive to hire (but they are worth it) and stay politically neutral. Because of this, the clans leave them alone – they are too valuable of a resource to harm or lose. It goes without saying that only the most intelligent, skilled programmers have any hope of joining.

Disembo – H, V

Actors, comedians, writers, painters – people who live to create works of art in one form or another. Their art is their life, and they care about little else…


A mysterious group of individuals who tend to dress in black robes and rarely speak. Not much is known about these individuals, except that they rarely get involved in the events of the world – but when they do, they do so in force, never failing in their tasks…


Artificially intelligent robots. How or why the Iods came to be is unknown to any save them – and if they know, they aren’t saying.

Lokust Society – H, V, Females

The only clan that denies membership on gender – the Lokust Society is a group of all female mercenaries. They can be hired to do just about anything, though their prices are high. The work they produce, however, is top-notch…

Nocla – H, V

People who have no affiliation with any clan whatsoever. Nocla is short for “no clan”, and there are more of these than is publicly believed.

Nomad – H, V

People who shun technology,and live in the Wildlands. Not much is known of the Nomads, as they refuse to partake of anything related to Nexus and it’s people.

Ornati – H

Ornatis are purebloods – they believe that vampires and humans should never mix, and that humans are the superior race – vampires are defective mutations who should be destroyed and not tolerated.

Widget – H, V

Widgets are people obsessed with “improving” themselves using cybernetic enhancements. They are fanatic about their enhancements, and often implant cybernetic enhancements in others to raise money for their own personal enhancements. (Which they do themselves if at all possible – if not, they pay other widgets)

Wolfpak – V

Technologically advanced intelligent-human “hunters”. The Wolfpak wear red robotic suits that not only augment their strength but also give them a variety of abilities, not to mention a fully functional artificially intelligent computer built in to the suit. There are not many Wolfpak members – not only do the suits cost over $10 million each to make, but they only accept the most intelligent/physically superior of the species as members.

Fallen Earth - Clans

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